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mds-utils 1.3.0 release
After 3 years of "no enhancement" I'm pleased to announce a new release of the mds-utils library (general purpose utilities for C++ and Python developers). The library contains useful C++ code for developing Python extensionsthrough Boost.Python but also through SWIG or the simple C API. It has also some code very useful for pure C++ development.

At present mds-utils contains:

1. a tool for detecting machine endianity.
2. some useful classes that allow to treat the old C FILE pointer as a C++
3. C++ classes that help on treating Python file objects as C++ streams..
4. simple utilities for indexing support in Python extensions.
5. new C++ to-Python and from-Python converters for some Boost uBlas
6. a new sequence iterator that is able to wrap Python sequences and allows
also to modify them. This feature does not depend on Boost.Python.
7. new from/to Python conversion utilities that do not depend on

Furthermore, the new release has been tested with Python 2.7.3 too, while the previous one had some issues with Python >= 2.5.

The code is at

Best regards to all.

Michele De Stefano

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