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Becky 10-31-2012 06:51 PM

Silverstone Heligon HE01 Asymmetric Dual Tower Heatsink
Frosty Tech have reviewed the Silverstone Heligon HE01 Asymmetric Dual Tower Heatsink:


"On Frostytech's test bench today is the Silverstone Heligon HE01 (SST-HE01) heatsink, an interesting asymmetric dual tower CPU cooler built for Intel LGA2011/1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 processors. At the heart of the heatsink is a massive 140mm vaneaxial fan, flanked by differently sized fin stacks which correspond to intake and exhaust air flows. On the cool air-intake side of the fan is a 30mm thick fin tower with a straight row of heatpipes intersecting the fins. On the hot exhaust side we find a slightly wider, 50mm thick fin tower constructed from slightly thicker aluminum fins.

The PWM fan itself is non-standard, in that it's 38mm thick rather than 25mm and rotates at 800-2000RPM or 800-1200RPM depending on a small physical switch set into the frame. The Silverstone SST-FHP141-H fan is rated to move upwards of 48-171CFM air, which according to Frostytech's real world sound measurements equates to 40-60 dBA noise.

Occupying every square millimeter of space above the CPU that a cooler possibly could, the Silverstone Heligon HE01 heatsink is a novel approach that seems designed to accommodate motherboards with excessively large VRM heatsinks. From the center-point of the CPU, the Heligon HE01 extends ~48mm to the fore, ~71mm towards the aft. A 40mm overhang on the back side ensures enough room for low profile memory modules to slip under the shadow of this otherwise big and boxy heatsink."
You can read their full review here.

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