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nospam 10-31-2012 04:00 AM

Re: How do I delete photographs from an iPad?
In article <2012103022305614030-adunc79617@mypacksnet>, Michael
<> wrote:

> From memory- I'm not sure precisely the steps- when you sync your iPad
> to iTunes, you have the option on the computer iTunes under the photo
> tab to turn off the sync options, and when you do so it will prompt you
> regarding keeping or losing all the photos. Tell it to lose them. Then
> on your resync you can choose new pictures to add. I cannot verify that
> this will work if you are adding photos by some other method. I have a
> first generation iPad and all the photos are added via iTunes sync.

that does not affect the camera roll. that affects photos synced from
the computer to albums.

he said his wife was copying photos in the field, which means they're
in the camera roll. itunes won't do anything with those (which is

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