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nospam 10-30-2012 04:53 PM

Re: How do I delete photographs from an iPad?
In article <>, Eric Stevens
<> wrote:

> What I relly want to do is delete the 1800 images, but I don't want to
> do it one at a time. None of the three albums has the action button.
> If I touch 'Edit' I do get a red 'Delete' but that requires I select
> each image individually. If I select say 5 images and then hit
> 'Delete' the iPad will ask me 'Delete Everywhere?'. If I say 'Yes' it
> will delete only the 5 I have selected. 1795 to go :-(

you selected 5, so it deletes 5. what did you expect it to do?

plug it into the computer and delete all of them there. why make this
more complex than it needs to be?

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