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Roedy Green 10-24-2012 03:10 PM

Jet optimising Compiler
I use Jet to statically generate native Windows code from Java. The
code loads quickly, can't be decompiled, and the machine code is
astoundingly good, better than I could generate as an assembler
programmer. It takes pipelining into consideration. I have never found
a bug that did not turn out to be my fault.

The only catch it is quite expensive. see

However the people at Excelsior have decided to sell the standard
version for $10 and give the money to charity to help kids in Russia
with cancer.

See details.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
There are four possible ways to poke a card into a slot.
Nearly always, only one way works. To me that betrays a
Fascist mentality, demanding customers conform to some
arbitrary rule, and hassling them to discover the magic
orientation. The polite way to do it is to design the reader
slot so that all four ways work, or so that all the customer
has to do is put the card in the vicinity of the reader.

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