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Armstrong 10-21-2012 07:57 AM

Ask a politician
and he(modernly she) will tell you! Don't ask to subdued if you are afraid!
Do the gangbangers of Lost Angeles control Lost Angeles? They have drungs
and money and power. You have WMDs. How is the world gonna get better?
Isn't there the rub! As long as your dick is, so you are "The President of
the United States of America", or some similar evangelistic spiel.

Do YOU want to be "The President of the United States"? I may be "way out
there", but I don't think anyone would "step up" to that <>. (I was thinking
.... nevermind, I don't hold back thoughts sometimes... of course that makes
me a "flag-burner". A witch?).

Happy Halloween:: (Sheeple "voters")

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