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Gisle Vanem 10-11-2012 09:00 PM

Re: for-loop on cmd-line
"Dave Angel" <> wrote:

> Why would you write some C-program just to save having two separate
> files, one batch and one for the script? For that matter, several
> answers have given you approaches that didn't involve list
> comprehensions, including merging the two in a single file, using an
> initial variable of rem="""

Like I wrote; use popen() or system() from a C-program (an env-var
checker) that's not really related to Python programming. But rather to
check various stuff needed for C-programming . Like walking the list
of %INCLUDE / %C_INCLUDE_PATH dirs to figure out what headers are
where. So I'd just as well add an option to check for Python paths too
(if Python is installed that is).

> What are your real constraints? Are you just playing code-golf?

That too.


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