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Dwight Hutto 10-08-2012 04:18 AM

Re: notmm is dead!
On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 2:10 PM, Etienne Robillard <> wrote:
> Dear list,
> Due to lack of energy and resources i'm really sad to announce the removal of notmm from pypi and bitbucket. I deleted
> also my account from bitbucket as it was not really useful for me.

Not 1 response?

notmm will continue to be accessible from my master
> site at until the server get down, as I cannot find money to pay for the hosting of,
> neither anyone to encourage the project so it can grow further.

Saw a niche, and announced your takeover?

> I have tried to develop a coherent extension for Django using the open source model but I'm afraid to have been
> bitten by its failure to encourage a free market over one dictated by profit and the use of cheap tricks to compete unfairly
> with perhaps too much openness. I always will also continue to love and use free softwares but sadly it seems asking for a little
> fairness is too much asked to competitors dedicated in stealing and subverting my work for their own advantages...

Then bring in an OS project of your own, and know that's what happens.

> I therefore refuse to continue any longer being mocked by competitors asking excessive prices for having a broken Internet dictated by
> a few companies and decide the content I should be visiting.

Just market penetration, not mocking.

> Shall you have anything you wish saying I'll be open to discuss further on this list. I wish also to thanks the supporters
> of the project who have invested time and energy into my business and dedication to the notmm project.

It has to have an equal, or equivlilaint value to the current
statistically valued features.

Best Regards,
David Hutto

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