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Juha Nieminen 10-03-2012 06:30 PM

Compile-time integer arithmetic without using templates
I think the new 'constexpr' keyword is actually quite cool. For example
this calculates the integral square root of an integer, rounded up, at
compile time.

#include <cstdint>

constexpr std::uint64_t isqrtIter(std::uint64_t value,
std::uint64_t low,
std::uint64_t high)
return (low < high ? (((low+high)/2) * ((low+high)/2) < value ?
isqrtIter(value, (low+high)/2 + 1, high) :
isqrtIter(value, low, (low+high)/2))
: low);

constexpr std::uint64_t isqrt(std::uint64_t value)
return isqrtIter(value, 1, UINT32_MAX);

This can actually have practical use, for example to create static arrays
that have the size of sqrt(constant), which might be useful for some

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