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David Dyer-Bennet 10-01-2012 07:10 PM

Re: Photo Opportunity
Eric Stevens <> writes:

> On Sat, 22 Sep 2012 15:48:02 +1200, Eric Stevens
> <> wrote:
>>Earlier this year I posted a notice of the forthcoming flight of an
>>almost totally new De Havilland Mosquito. My copy of that thread seems
>>to have disappeared from my ken but I do remember that Savage Duck
>>asked me to keep the group up to date.
>>The situation is that the Mosquito's first flight is due to take place
>>in a week today, in the presence of massed brass bands and an air show
>>put on by the local Warbirds. All I can say is that that is a pretty
>>bold thing to do. I would want to have the maiden flight before
>>inviting the neighbours in, just in case some silly little mechanical
>>thing rears its ugly head on the day.

> Well, they have successfully completed the maiden flight which, as I
> had hoped, was two days before the official launching. The official
> launching was two days ago and was quite a spectacle. I missed the
> start because traffic congestion on the road to the airfield was
> horrendous and I would have made much better time if I had walked the
> last 3 or 4 miles. Nevertheless I came away with 547 photographs, some
> of which may be acceptable. I won't be able to publish even a
> selection of them until the inevitable furor round [SI] dies down but
> here is something for a start
> The blue sky was quite exceptional. It was normally a dull gray into
> which the Mosquito blended perfectly.

Ooh, that does make a nice background!

And that definitely looks like a Mosquito :-).

1/6400 is awfully fast -- you've frozen the prop blades, which is widely
thought (it's an esthetic thing, so opinions differ of course to some
degree) to look less dynamic, less like the plane is actually moving,
than some suitable amount of blus.

(EXIF says 200mm on a DX body, ISO 200, f/3.3, 1/6400. That's a *weird*
set of choices IMHO. I'd try 1/1500 or so, stopping down
correspondingly. Play around with degrees of prop blur, one of the
great virtues of digital (you can check what you're getting on that sort
of thing immediately).)
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