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Glendor 10-01-2012 01:16 AM

Error in Python
I am getting an error in python for a prgram that I am writing for school. I am 5 weeks in the course so it is very basic but I cannot figure out what is wrong.

The program is not yet done but I want to test it out to see everything works so far.
The problem is in the third line. It gives me a syntax error : Invalid syntax(<module1>, line3)

def main():
a_seats = (input("Enter number of A tickets sold")
b_seats = (input("Enter number of B tickets sold")
c_seats = (input("Enter number of C tickets sold")

def compute_A_seats(a_seats):
totalaseats = a_seats * 15

def compute_B_seats(b_seats):
totalbseats = b_seats * 12

def compute_C_seats(c_seats):
totalcseats = c_seats * 9

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