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Angel 09-26-2012 11:05 PM

Re: send txt file to usb port
On 2012-09-25, mahnaz0098 <> wrote:
> hello
> i want to send txt file to usb port and read a txt file from usb port.
> i use windows 7 32 bit and a flash is connected to usb port.
> can any one give me a suggestion about it?

You should carefully consider if this is really what you want to do,
unlike a floppy or serial port an USB device isn't so easy to randomly
write to. It's far better to let your OS handle it for you through the
normal drivers. USB mass storage devices appear as disks to your OS and
should be used as such.

But if you still want to access USB devices directly, perhaps libusb is
something for you:

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