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Evan Driscoll 09-21-2012 08:43 PM

Re: Re: Algorithms using Python?
On 09/21/2012 02:45 PM, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:26:04 +0530, Mayuresh Kathe <>
> declaimed the following in gmane.comp.python.general:
>> Is there a good book on foundational as well as advanced algorithms
>> using Python?

> Depends on what you mean by "foundational"...
> Since Python has dynamic lists and dictionaries, I suspect you won't
> find any textbook focusing on linked-list or hashed lookup algorithms
> using Python.

I wouldn't be so sure; C++ and Java both have standard libraries with
dictionaries (and thus are mostly lacking a literal syntax). But it's
easy to find books talking about the simple stuff.

I'd suggest looking at the books used in MIT's intro classes:

6.000 (Intro to CS and programming):

Zelle, John M. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science
Budd, Timothy. Exploring Python
Shaw, Zed A. Learn Python the Hard Way [online]
Swaroop, CH. A Byte of Python

6.006 (Intro to algorithms):

Miller and Ranum. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures
Using Python.
[CLRS isn't Python]

and see if they have anything to offer. (I didn't actually look.)

> You can probably implement them, but they're not going to be very
> efficient. (And never "remove" an element from the linked-list
> implementation because Python would shift all the other elements, hence
> your "links" become invalid).



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