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Gilles 09-21-2012 10:49 AM

[WSGI] FCGID + Flup vs. mod_wsgi?

The shared host I intend to use to run a small Python web app only
supports mod_fcgid on its Apache server.

If I understood what I read on the Net, the ideal solution would be to
have mod_wsgi installed and have it run either as a module within
Apache or a stand-alone process to talk to the Python app, but it's
N.A. so that's out.

As for FCGID, am I correct in understanding that this is the way
things work:

Apache <-> mod_fcgid <-> Flup (or some other wrapper) <-> WSGI

Would I miss a lot by using the mod_fcgid+Flup solution instead of

Thank you.

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