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Krzysztof 09-19-2012 10:00 AM

Java open soure log viewer - OtrosLogViewer
Hi. I'have creted opens source (apache license) log viewer:
Main features are:
- Loading logs from remote servers using ftp, sftp, ssh, samba and others (supported file systems)
- Tailing logs from local disk and sftp
- Decompressing "gziped" logs on the fly
- Parsing custom log patterns
- Log events searching using regular expression
- Log filters
- Pluginable log filters
- Log highlightings
- Automatic log highlightings based on string match, regular expression or custom Java code
- Pluginable log details formatters and colorizers (i.e. SOAP message)
- Pluginable log highlightings
- Pluginable log parsers
- Listening on a socket
- Adding notes to log event
- Saving/loading log investigation (with added marks and notes)

JDK logging formats and Log4j XmlLayout are supported. Additionally custom log pattern can be defined:

This youtube video show how to connect to Log4j socket hub appender and SOAP formatting looks like:


I hope you will enjoy!
I will be thankful for feedback.

I will be thankfull for feedback.

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