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nospam 08-27-2012 08:48 AM

Re: What makes a mac better?
In article <>, Mxsmanic
<> wrote:

> > I've always found the Apple / Mac versus the IBM / Windows debate rather
> > interesting...
> >
> > Supporters on both sides say their brand choice is best, but why?

> These days, it's pure emotion.


> There is no way to objectively prove either
> type of computer "better." They use the same hardware and differ only in the
> operating system that runs on the machine.

wrong. there is custom hardware in a mac.

> The internal hardware is the same as a PC today, so there's no difference in
> quality. Some PCs use cheaper components, others use more expensive
> components,

in other words, there actually is a difference in quality.

> many of the components are identical on both platforms,

some are, but not all.

> and if one
> builds one's own PC, the components can be of whatever quality one is prepared
> to pay for.

sure, but few people build their own computers and nobody builds their
own laptops.

> > All mac enthusiasts can really cheer about is whether their boxes can do
> > the job quicker, or, at best, that their monitors might have nicer shades of
> > red, green and blue. All the creative work gets done by the user of the
> > camera (not mac), and in post processing (usually Adobe).

> Right. And there's no way to tell whether an image has been processed on a
> Windows machine or a Mac.

actually, there is.

> > Interestingly, Adobe seems to put more work into Windows than it does into
> > mac, at least it does when Adobe Elements is concerned.

> The Windows market is much larger. Adobe switches from primary development for
> Mac to the PC years ago.

totally wrong.

> That is, today Photoshop is developed first for the
> PC, then it is ported to the Mac,

absolutely and without question, wrong.

photoshop is developed using a custom cross platform framework for both
platforms at the same time.

> whereas in the old days it was the other way
> around. Which doesn't really affect anything, anyway, since it works much the
> same on both platforms.

it's identical on both platforms.

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