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Arne Vajh°j 08-20-2012 06:58 PM

Re: Using Object tag instead of Applet tag why?
To: Sanny
From: Arne Vajhoj <>

On 7/14/2012 5:01 AM, Sanny wrote:
> I read at a few places on net to use "Object" tag instead of "Applet" tag.
> Why? What is the disadvantage of using Applet tag?

APPLET is deprecated (with all its attributes) in favor of OBJECT.

> I have a game which I publish as below
> <applet code="My...Game.class" width="800" height="600"

archive="" codebase="">
> Game applet
> </applet>
> What will be the Syntax to use when using the Object Tag?

More details at:

> Will I be able to pass parameters as-well?


> Will Object tag works on all Browser?

All relevant.

> There is one Embed Tag also whats difference between Embed Tag & Object Tag.

Which one is best.

embed tag is new in HTML 5.

As there are still browsers out there not understanding HTML 5 then I will
suggest using object tag.

> I want some way for the tag to download the required java plugin directly in

browsers not having java.

The object tag can do that.

See previous link or the newer (but still old):

But have you considered using Java Web Start? That will give you much better


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