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Jean-Michel Pichavant 08-14-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Sharing code between different projects?
andrea crotti wrote:
> I am in the situation where I am working on different projects that
> might potentially share a lot of code.
> I started to work on project A, then switched completely to project B
> and in the transiction I copied over a lot of code with the
> corresponding tests, and I started to modify it.
> Now it's time to work again on project A, but I don't want to copy
> things over again.
> I would like to design a simple and nice way to share between projects,
> where the things I want to share are simple but useful things as for
> example:
> class TempDirectory:
> """Create a temporary directory and cd to it on enter, cd back to
> the original position and remove it on exit
> """
> def __init__(self):
> self.oldcwd = getcwd()
> self.temp_dir = mkdtemp()
> def __enter__(self):
> logger.debug("create and move to temp directory %s" % self.temp_dir)
> return self.temp_dir
> def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
> # I first have to move out
> chdir(self.oldcwd)
> logger.debug("removing the temporary directory and go back to
> the original position %s" % self.temp_dir)
> rmtree(self.temp_dir)
> The problem is that there are functions/classes from many domains, so it
> would not make much sense to create a real project, and the only name I
> could give might be "utils or utilities"..
> In plus the moment the code is shared I must take care of versioning and
> how to link different pieces together (we use perforce by the way).
> If then someone else except me will want to use these functions then of
> course I'll have to be extra careful, designing really good API's and so
> on, so I'm wondering where I should set the trade-off between ability to
> share and burden to maintain..
> Anyone has suggestions/real world experiences about this?

I can think of logilab-common (

Having a company-wide python module properly distributed is one to
achieve your goal. Without distributing your module to the public,
there's a way to have a pypi-like server runnning on your private network :


Note : looks like is having some trouble, the above link is broken. Search for recent announcement about pypiserver.

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