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Rodrick Brown 07-12-2012 12:50 PM

Re: ANN: PollyReports 1.5 -- Band-oriented PDF Report Generator
On Jul 11, 2012, at 8:44 PM, Simon Cropper
<> wrote:

> On 12/07/12 00:06, Chris Gonnerman wrote:
>> I've held off announcing this until I was sure it was really stable;
>> it's been 19 days since I made the last change to it, so here goes.
>> PollyReports is my Python module for report generation. It is designed
>> to be, quite literally, the "simplest thing that can possibly work" in
>> the field of PDF generation from a database record set. There is a
>> somewhat vague resemblance to GeraldoReports; I had problems with
>> Geraldo's pagination which led me to develop PollyReports in a brief
>> flurry of intense activity.
>> It's on PyPI:
>> and on Github:
>> and I have a blog where I talk about it (like anyone cares):

> "I've noticed that acceptance of a new software module or package for developers in the Open Source/Free Software world is greatly affected by the availability of a good tutorial. I mean, it seems obvious, doesn't it? But I've also noticed that the original author of a project rarely writes a goodtutorial."

The author has made the code available on Git Hub so you can easily
contribute. Simple python classes and modules tend to be light on
providing examples or tutorials when the docstrings may be sufficient
for most.

> Well I thought it was a good tutorial. It certainly empowers me with enough confidence to give it a try.
> That said... with more than a passing interest in software and content licensing I looked at how the work was licensed. A none-standard license likethis makes most people stop and think "will this be a problem if I use this in my work?" How compatible is your license with the main software licenses currently available?

The BSD license has been around for many years even before GPL and
it's quite popular amongst the anti GNU crowd. I'm not sure what you
mean by non standard license? Is because it's none GPL?

The BSD license is actually the most liberal open source license
format available when looking to integrate open source applications
into commercials ones. You're free to do as you will without tainting
your software or providing your modifications you've made.

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> Cheers Simon
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