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tony cooper 06-02-2012 07:18 PM

Re: [SI] <> Closeup/macro comments <>
On Sat, 02 Jun 2012 14:54:41 -0400, Alan Browne
<> wrote:

> Dodge Brothers:
>Nice shot, I esp. like the 'squiggle' at the top right. This badge
>prompted me to look if the Dodge brothers were Jewish or Mormon - but I
>couldn't find such a link. They just like the "Star of David" form, I
>guess. (One triangle per brother, perhaps?). Only the lower right of
>this image is a bit of a downer.

I was intrigued by this because I see it as a Star of David and it
doesn't make sense to me for an automaker to attempt to appeal to any
particular religious group. Besides, all the Jewish doctors drove
Packards when I was growing up.

This site offers some possibilities: where it says:

The Dodge Brothers Club's FAQ states that the symbol was not chosen to
anger Henry Ford, and goes on to say that "At the time the emblem was
selected (most likely 1912-1914) it's likely that the Dodge brothers
were unaware of its use in Judiasm. In fact, at this time, that symbol
was not used universally in this context." It suggests these
possibilities, among others:

1. These are two interlocking Greek letter "deltas" or "Ds" for the
two Dodge brothers

2. A medieval symbol of mysticism and the joining of mind and body; in
this case representing the joining of two brothers, who were very
close, in this business venture (allegedly, letters addressed to just
one of them would be discarded).

3. An abstraction of the square and compass of the Freemasons (this
seems unlikely as well).

4. Nothing more or less than a badge with six pointed star similar to
those used for law-enforcement officer's badges, some outlined with
triangles. Sheriff, Marshall, and police badges frequently wore six
pointed stars. The old-west Dodge City badge had six points. Horace
Dodge was said to enjoy accompanying local law-enforcement officers on
their runs.

The Dodge Brothers Club News editor wrote that "emblem is also a
"Solomonís Seal" sign of interconnected spirits, as the brothers

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida

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