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PeterN 05-30-2012 01:22 PM

Re: [SI] Macro/Closeup - Some comments
On 5/29/2012 10:17 PM, Savageduck wrote:


> Peter Newman:
> Macro-Dahlia:
> Very interesting effect with that coloration against the black
> background field. I think I might have chosen a slightly different frame
> idea, but all in all a good piece. What was with the f/16?
> Macro-Orchid:
> OK! I love this shot. Capturing the bizarre shape and curves with the
> whites, yellows, tans, and black all working together.

Thanks for your comments. The frame color is the same as one of the
colors inside the flowers. I agree that the frame on the dahlia is
distracting. In retrospect, I also should have shown more of the center
of the flower.

For some reason the EXIF data did not show that flash was used. A basic
analysis shows that ISO 320 f16 at 1/3200 sec is not sufficient
exposure, unless I used studio lighting, which I did not. I put a 20mm
extension tube on my 70-200.


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