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ZKR 05-11-2012 07:20 AM

Scanner help
Hey guys, need some scanner help.


System.out.print ("Title: ");
                                title = scan.nextLine();
                                System.out.print ("Author: ");
                                author = scan.nextLine();
                                System.out.print ("Pages: ");
                                pages = scan.nextInt();
                                myLibrary.addBook (title, author, pages);

When I run it, won`t let me enter title:

(Run screen) :

What would you like to do (A=add, B=borrow, C=copy, L=largest check, P=Print libraryQ=quit)? a
Title: Author: Didn`t let me enter the title !

If I change the scan.nextLine(); to; it will let me enter but only one token (no more than two words).

Appreciate any help.

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