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Tim_C 04-28-2012 02:54 PM

GUI for data acquisition
Hi there

I am about to begin to work on a project. The project involve a microcontroller communicating with a computer via USB protocol. The microcontroller is connected to a series of 16 analog to digital boards, (each consisting of 16 channels with 16 bits worth of data each), and would be responsible for transmitting the data to the computer. On the computer there needs to be a GUI. On this GUI there needs to be a series of buttons, which will send a command to the microcontroller to initiate a specific function/command. When the microcontroller transmit the data to the computer, the GUI would need to display the data from each channel in a waveform and must perform real-time acquisition. The data from each channel would then need to be appended and saved to one excel worksheet, which is encrypted for privacy issues.

I would like to know which program would be best to create this GUI for this project, which is capable of communicating and controlling a microcontroller using USB protocol and would also allow for real-time acquisition.

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