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Becky 04-24-2012 05:47 PM

Intel Ivy Bridge Processor Launch
Intel have launched their third-generation Core processor, code name Ivy Bridge. There are many positive reviews already online - here is PC Mag's opinion:


"With the Core i7-3770K, Intel is once again proving its commitment to bringing additional power and performance to its mainstream line, surpassing (if not leaving in the dust) what it did just a year ago. If you want even more enthusiast-friendly features, Sandy Bridge–Extreme chips like the Core i7-3820 and especially the Core i7-3930K are the way to go, but they’ll require new LGA2011 motherboards. Ivy Bridge chips don’t, which makes them a smart upgrade choice if you’re happy with the class of performance you currently have. And if you’re just getting into the market now and want to head straight to the top of the middle, the Core i7-3770K is an excellent, energy-efficient choice."
You can read the full review here, and a handy summary of the main points here.

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