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Rainer Weikusat 04-13-2012 08:06 PM

Re: Missing
James Moe <> writes:
> On 04/08/2012 11:49 AM, James Moe wrote:
>> perl v5.14.2
>> "Mainloop: Can't locate in @INC"
>> How do I resolve this problem?

> As a workaround I copied utf8*, unicore/* and Unicode/* to a path in
> the ASSP directory to emulate the path perl would search in @INC to
> locate the modules.
> What I do not understand, or how to correct, is how perl can find most
> of its modules after the app switches to chroot, but not utf8*. Is there
> some sort of pre-load function?

If 'the app switches to chroot', this presumably happens after perl
compiled it (so the compiler found the modules) and when the code
later tries to include another file, eg, by using do or require, the
chroot blocks access.

NB: This is of course just a speculation.

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