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unholy 11-02-2005 12:42 PM

Scape goat of the month for November - Jan 1st
Its a new contest, the person who gets the most votes, get scapegoat for the next two months.
Vote now (name only required)!!!!!!!!
Current Poll:
Modfather - 5 votes
Modfather Winners the Name Scapegoat. and he also wins teh ability to review something, i will ask antec they might send u that pci slot cooler :D at least u have a review then :D

XhArD 11-03-2005 05:34 AM


bigal 11-03-2005 11:00 AM

That's a tough one...
Who else but mean Modfather? :mrgreen:

unholy 11-03-2005 02:06 PM

Al please make it clear :D X or Modfather?

Gez 11-03-2005 03:24 PM

I think ill jump on the bandwagon... Modfather

bigal 11-04-2005 04:09 AM

Who else but...

Originally Posted by unholy
Al please make it clear :D X or Modfather?


unholy 11-04-2005 06:39 AM

scape goat will be decided in 2 days time :D

The Modfather 11-05-2005 07:00 AM

Uh oh! Looks like I'm a shoe in. :) Well, do I get a cool MPC visor or something at least? :)
Alright, I'll vote, can't vote for myself so I'll just vote for Unholy... I know he's an admin and all that but, everything's already his fault so ...

bigal 11-05-2005 07:36 PM

If there is an award....
......I think Unholy will need to come up with it. They probably have something available for the winner... :stupido:

The Modfather 11-06-2005 06:27 AM

Oh sure, I believe him... Like the 200gb SATA drive, something like that, vaporprize. :)

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