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Ivann 07-22-2008 05:28 PM

Javascript Drop Down Menu Issue. Replacing Text of the Menu
Hi All,

I have a javascript/css menut that i have which i start when the html
page loads.

<script type="text/javascript">cssdropdown.startchrome("chromemenu")</

What i am trying to do is replace the text inside of a div <a> link.
So that i Translate the text into spanish. When the user hovers on
this 'Attractions' it brings up the menu below. But after i make the
javascript function call below it swaps the text with the new one
below in spanish, but no longer have the drop down menu below. Do i
need to make the function call to restart the javascript menu again?

<A rel="attractions" onclick="loadxmlfile(load); return false;"


<div id="attractions" class="dropmenudiv" >

<A href="attractions.html" onclick="loadxmlfile('english/
attractions.xml'); return false;" >
View All

Here are my javascript functions.

function translateesp(){

document.getElementById("attractionsli").innerHTML = '<A
rel="attracions" onclick="loadxmlfile(\'espanol/attractions.xml\');
return false;" href="#">Attraciones </A>';

document.getElementById("attractions").innerHTML ='<li><A
href="attractions.html" onclick="loadxmlfile(\'espanol/attractions.xml
\'); return false;" >Ver Todas</A></li>';


Ivann 07-22-2008 08:34 PM

Re: Javascript Drop Down Menu Issue. Replacing Text of the Menu
Here is the link to the page on my site.

If hover over attractions you can see the drop down menu. Upon
clicking on Espanol on the Language drop down the text is replaced but
the drop down menu no longer appears.

Here is the Javascript file.

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