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Peter Michaux 12-13-2007 03:11 AM

status and plan (Code Worth Recommending Project)
After the lengthy discussions so far about feature detection in
various threads, I have committed the following to the repository


You can browse the various implementations on the project's trac site


I'm not claiming they are finished or that they are yet worth
recommending (especially since there is no documentation.) I would
like to know if anyone has checked out the code and tried running the
tests with PHP.

For this initial round of code committing I have been adding directly
to the trunk even before the code is considered final. This has been
fine since there was no finalized code in trunk to "pollute" with
experimental code. After this initial round is over, I would like to
develop all new code in a branch and only commit to trunk when the
code is finalized. With such a process the code in trunk can be
considered stable.

For the final part of this first round of code committing, I would
like to add functions that would round out an Ajax module. I will post
some threads about this over the next couple weeks.

When those Ajax functions are committed to trunk, the entire body of
code will need ratification (the actual ratification is not the
purpose of this thread). I'm not sure how that will go. I think there
will be a bit of blur with ratification and documentation writing. I
think the system needs a way that regulars can flag a certain piece of
code with a disclaimer that they do not believe a particular
implementation is recommendable for it's stated purpose. Suggestions?

I acknowledge there has been concern about supporting or not
supporting IE4 and maybe even NN4. The many implementations approach
can handle such implementations but maintenance is my main concern.
This issue can be addressed in the future if there is a real need but
I think going through the entire process of code development and its
ratification is more valuable at the moment. Imagine that the group
may end up with an Ajax module worth recommending? Instead of just
ranting on and on about the poor quality of the popular libraries
(which is actually valuable conversation) we can offer something

I'm glad to see that quite a few regulars have joined in the
conversations already. I've enjoyed them and hope that participation
grows as we cover different topics over time.

Code Worth Recommending Project

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