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VB 07-30-2007 07:23 AM

Custom Software Development
iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing

Offshore custom software development company iTechArt - Web site and
Content Management Solutions development, CMS consulting: Ektron,
Drupal and DotNetNuke

iTechArt Group provides high quality custom software development
services and offshore software development. On December 2006, iTechArt
Group became an authorized Microsoft Certified Partner. This means
that our company has been recognized by Microsoft for our vast
expertise and authorized to custom software development; provide IT
service consulting and custom business solutions.

Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing Company iTechArt
has worked together since 2003 to design build and deliver .NET Web
Content Management software solutions that help clients meet their
strategic objectives. We are agile oriented development partner able
to consistently deliver solid results.

iTechArt software development team assemblies specialists in the
development of custom software applications and offshore software
outsourcing services.

Working concepts of our company are based on proven approaches and
international standards used for custom software development such as
Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software Engineering (CMMI-
SW). In the same breath we have our own standpoint on software
development process management which is fully effective and
comprehensible for our clients.

iTechArt offers software development in the next main directions:

1. Custom Software Development (Offshore outsourcing for worldwide
based software development companies.)

2. Software Development for Digital Signage (Media content development
and remote displays / information kiosks Web-based software
application management.)

3. Web Site Development (E-commerce solutions, CMS/DotNetNuke/Ektron/
Drupal, Web 2.0/PHP/MySQL/AJAX, Flash/Action script/Flex and many

4. Offshore Development Center (Dedicated development team of software
developers. Our offshore development centers operate as an extension
to clients' existing software engineering business.)

Contact iTechArt ( )about custom software
development, end-to-end software solutions, outsourcing software
development, custom DotNetNuke module development, DotNetNuke
consulting, dotnetnuke hosting, first class Java and .Net developers,
software application design, software testing, Quality Assurance,
functionality testing and defect analysis, performance and stress
testing, usability testing, Microsoft Media Services and Adobe Media
Flash Server solutions, digital signage solutions and custom
development, Ektron CMS400.NET developers, CMS, .NET Web Content
Management software solutions


Henry 07-30-2007 11:37 AM

Re: Custom Software Development
On Jul 30, 8:23 am, VB <> wrote:
> iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore
> outsourcing Company
> Offshore custom software development company iTechArt - Web site
> and Content Management Solutions development, ...

There is something quite reassuring for those of us working 'on shore'
when loading this URL in IE immediately pops-up a
"'window.document.Ring' is null or not an object" error on line 42.
Then to notice that an image in the middle of the top of the home page
has not loaded (so the 'red cross' placeholder is shown instead)
because its mark-up is:-

<img border=0 align="left" src="//images/SG_alternate.gif" >

- and the SRC uses a relative URI starting with double slashes, that
IE (correctly) translates as the absolute URL "http://images/
SG_alternate.gif" and so fails to find the image. And finally notice
that the page is littered with "get macromedia flash player" graphics
and even the text "Site is created with Macromedia FlashTM version
7.0. You can setup last version by pressing on button.", which is not
going to work because I; A. have the latest version (it is just
disabled), and B. am inside a company firewall that will not tolerate
the downloading of executables of any type.

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