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Phantom focus
I'm creating a page where I would like to use a combination of tabbing,
tabindex, and focus as the only means of navigation. Everything works
fine except as I tab through the elements of the page (in this case
it's only <a> tags) the browser wants to set focus to other elements,
e.g., the address bar, the entire window, etc.

I've been able to turn off toolbars and set the browser in full screen
mode to solve all of these undesirable focuses except one...which
appears to be the entire window. In IE (6) it appears that nothing has
the focus, but in Firefox (1.5) you can can see the faint dotted line
around the outside of the entire window.

My end goal is to eliminate this behavior. Is there a way to capture
this "phantom focus" event? I've tried with "window.onfocus" and
"document.onfocus" and "window.document.onfocus", etc. Any help is

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