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help me smart people
I've done some testing in IE and the location object doesn't update
when the address changes from a browser back or forward action unless
the page is reloaded or the page is called via javascript.

Is there any way for me to figure out what the address bar is after:

condition A: a browser's back or forward button pressed
condition B: and the change in address doesn't trigger a page reload

Is there an initiative that would allow me to force the location object
to regather data, or to call an initialization method that would
rebuild location?

Can I figure out what the address bar has changed to or whether it has
changed at all; and in which direction?

Are there any other javascript member that I could use to access the
change in the address bar under conditions A and B?

Thanks for taking the time to read about my problem,

H 01-03-2006 02:48 PM

Re: help me smart people
Hi Jasen,

the solution you gave me before works well, I switched my setInterval
based property watcher from the flash object to the javascript document
like we discussed and it worked fine with some browser testing I did.
My new problem pertains from the same project. location.hash doesn't
update when the anchor hanges.

> after?

The following conditions.

> are these alternatives?

No, these are the conditions I was refering to above.

> change the url

My problem is that I cannot read the address bar after the url changes
from a back or forward action that doesn't load another, or the,

The problem is that I cannot read the address from the location object
when it changes under the conditions A and B I mentioned earlier.

You can test it out here:

set the anchor to:


Those are valid named anchors in the html, the anchor generation also
needs to be dynamic, that is another problem that I will be solving
once I solve this one.

Thanks again for your help Jasen,

H 01-04-2006 02:54 PM

Re: help me smart people
Hi Jasen,

Yes, the attribute is not supported on the a tag for netscape 4 and 6.
You're running flash player 7, I plan on writing the final code for
players 6+.


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