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jc 03-31-2005 01:17 AM

invoke BeanShell

I want to be able to handle any operation done on a javascript object
regardless of where the operation exists or not. I want to handle all
operations on a given object myself. In BeanShell I can do this since
they offer the invoke operation which catches all calls not
implemented by my objects. Is there a way to do this in JavaScript and
in perticular with Rhino?

This is what I can do in BeanShell:

Test() {
invoke(name, args) {
print("you called: " + name);
return this;

var test = Test();

eris:~/tmp > bsh test.bsh
you called: fooBar

Can something similar be done in JS? Could this be done in Rhino? If
not could I modify Rhino's source code and be able to achieve this


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