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Getting started with HTTP::Proxy
Hi. I don't know anything about proxies or networking yet I've been
tasked with protecting some content on a media server and I'm guessing
a proxy is the way to go. I'm playing around with HTTP::Proxy just to
get a feel for things. All of the examples and discussions seem geared
to a proxy which sits on a user's computer while what I want is to put
the proxy on an intermediate server between the user and the media
server. So just to test I set up a bare bones HTTP::Proxy script on
one of our web servers. It runs and I can connect to it but I don't
know where to start trying to get it to do more:

use strict;
use warnings;
use HTTP::Proxy;

my $proxy = new HTTP::Proxy (port => 8100, host => undef);

When I connect I get the message:
"Scheme is not supported by this proxy."

How can I do something simple like pipe the google homepage to my
browser (not redirect!)?

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