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robt 02-15-2007 05:38 PM

perl ftp problems
I have a perl script using the ftp module which I'm having a problem
with. The script ftp's a file to a server and will first rename the
file on the server if it already exists. I am receiving errors from
the script if I am connecting to a Solaris 9 or 10 server but it works
fine if I connect to a Solaris 8 server. The code I'm having trouble
with is:

@files=$ftp->ls("$filename") or $err=1;

When connecting to a solaris 8 server, the filename is returned if the
file exists and the following is returned if it does not exist:
/bin/ls: tst1: No such file or directory

However, when connecting to a solaris 10 server, the filename is
returned if the file exists but I receive the following error if the
file does not exist:
Illegal seek

Has anyone run into this problem and is there a solution?


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