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Bernard Chan 01-16-2006 02:44 AM

Scalars Leaked

I am pretty new to Perl 5.8 ithreads. I have written a simple threaded
script to generate a flow of data insert into MySQL database for
benchmarking purpose. Before I added the Thread::Running parts of the
script, there was no warnings. But after I had those parts in, there
comes some warnings "Scalars Leaked: 1". The script in question is attached.

I have searched the archives and most responses I have seen in regard to
this warning was that it was mostly harmless, though I am still
interested to know if this can be fixed and if there are any techniques
to hunt down such occurrences if that is an err in my programming in
future projects. If anyone may point me to any documentation on this, I
will also highly appreciate that.

Thank you very much in advance.

Bernard Chan.

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