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Clyde Ingram 11-21-2005 11:33 PM

Perl analysing a Microsoft .msg file
Can anyone show me how to crack open a Micro$soft .msg file, such as one
that LookOut!! can create or receive?

CPAN offers a wealth of modules for parsing SMTP mail, and lots of
Win32::OLE modules -- but none, that I can find, on extracting elements
(Subject, Originator, Attachments, etc) from Outlook.

The ActiveState Perl manual does present an example of connecting to an
Outlook mailbox and creating a mail message.
But rather than connect to a mailbox, I just start with a .msg file.

In ActiveState Perl, I have stumbled on a Win32::OLE - Type Library Browser
at \Perl\html\OLE-Browser\Browser.html. Under Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object
Library, this lists properties of a MailItem, including Recipients,
SenderEmailAddress, Subject. But I do not know how to use Perl to enumerate
or read or write such properties, let alone how to access the MailItem

I'd appreciate any help CLPM can offfer, while understanding, from the
ActiveState FAQ, that this NG concentrates on Unix-based Perl. You see, one
of my colleagues at work has appealed for a programmatic way to analyse .msg
files, and I'd really like to show him a sound Perl alternative to some hack
like Visual Basic or VBscript.


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