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Volunteer Programmers Needed for Katrina Relief Effort!

Myself and many other Open Source developers have joined forces to
create One of the main features of the
website is a unified missing persons/evacuee database. We are working
to import various widespread lists and dbs into on large db.

What we need are people like you that are well versed in regex to
create automated import script for the database. In most cases it
would be extracting the data from within HTML tables.

The website is running on the Mambo content management system and the
database is mysql. We need these applications to import directly to
the database, so no mambo experince is require.

If interested in volunteering please contact myself or Scott Polk
(scott717 -AT~ gmail ~DOT` com).

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Cutrer (joncutrer -AT~ gmail ~DOT` com )

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