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Yogee 06-08-2005 04:14 AM

Write Excel problem
I get the message
Couldn't Parse the formula, and the string that I m writing in is not a
Excel formula, How can I avoid a column being interpreted as formula.

pikus 06-08-2005 02:41 PM

Re: Write Excel problem
put a single quote before the text. It will not be displayed and will
not enter into any calculations etc. made upon the cell. - pikus

A. Sinan Unur 06-08-2005 04:33 PM

Re: Write Excel problem
"pikus" <> wrote in news:1118241689.993108.92990

> put a single quote before the text.

Better yet, quote some context when you are replying.


A. Sinan Unur <1usa@llenroc.ude.invalid>
(reverse each component and remove .invalid for email address)

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