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John 03-02-2005 03:08 PM

Accessing SMB share on Mac OSX for file copy
Greetings. I am attempting copy a file from a Mac OSX (10.3.6) to a share
on a Windows 2000 server using Perl. To trouble shoot my problem I wrote a
simple script to verify the existance of a file on the share which is
failing. I don't belive this is a rights issue since I can
add/delete/modify files using the OSX Finder. So that leaves me with how I
am refering to the share which is using UNC (\\server name\share name
\folder name\). Is this the correct way to access the share? I have tried
several different ways to access the share and they all fail. Do I need to
include a way to connect to the server in the code (to connect to the share
and pass a username/password)? Currently I am connecting to the share
through finder.

my $File = "//FS1/Data/FileTransfer/test.txt";
#my $File = "\\\FS1\\Data\\FileTransfer\\test.txt";
#my $File = "smb:\\FS1\\Data\\FileTransfer\\test.txt";

unless (-f $File) { print "\nFile DOES NOT Exist!" }

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