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bob 05-26-2004 11:37 AM

I have searched all the news groups etc.. for an answer to this so thought
someone may be able to help here. Basically we have a soap server written in
gsoap and im having to send a very large piece of xml too it.
The problem is that gsoap types all the objects and expects them in a
certain format.

<Runner name="Jimmy Ryan" yearBorn="20010329" age="2" bred="IRE"
rather than

<Runner name="Jimmy Ryan" yearBorn="20010329" age="2" bred="IRE">
We have a wsdl file specifying this but soap::lite doesnt seem to recognise
I can write my own serializer to do this but would rather be generic if
possible as we will have many services in the end.
Any ideas, suggestions??

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