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Mike 10-02-2003 03:48 PM

Perl 5.8 UTF-8 RedHat SLOW
From: Graham Smith (
Subject: Re: Perl 5.8 UTF-8 RedHat SLOW
Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.misc
Date: 2003-06-14 02:04:02 PST

>> I have built a new P4 RedHat 9 webserver to replace my old P3 Linux
>> 7.2 webserver, and found it to be significantly slower than the old

>> machine.

>When you say you built the new machine, are we talking about the
>hardware as well as the software for the os and web site. When I
>assembled my new computer from m/board and Athlon 2700 processor by
>default it ran (strolled) at a lot slower speed than it is capable
>(defaulted to underclocking). Have you bench tested the new machine
>with any non-perl software?

I haven't done any further testing since I got the loads to moderate
levels. Since that time, I've moved to testing out a P4 2.4Ghz with
HyperThreading, 2GB DDR 3200 RAM on 800mhz FSB. I didn't think it
would make this much difference, but my initial feeling from compiling
MySQL, Apache, PHP etc. is that this machine is going to handle the
loads better (or at least equal) to the old Solaris 8 machines on the
PIII. There's no easy scientific way for me to verify this, as the
loads are all based on current customer activity.

(NOTE: This message had to be posted separately, for some reason I
could not reply to the last thread...)

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