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Dick Rosser 11-19-2003 04:17 PM

A simple script - or so I thought
I have scanned all the script repositories to no avail
trying to find what would be, I thought, a fairly simple
What I am trying to achieve is as follows, perhaps someone
can point me in the right direction. I cannot unfortunately

Page1.html has a simple form with 4/5 text fields. Once
completed and submitted, I simply wish the data entered
in those form fields to be displayed automatically in a
table on a new HTML page. There is no need for the data
to be stored in any table. I suppose this is a dynamic
page created on the fly, but it must be in a template form
as there needs to be additional html code on the page that contains
the 'results' table.

Is JavaScript even the best scripting option for something like this?

Is there something 'out of the box' I can use for this function
Dick Rosser

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