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Yuki Sonoda (Yugui) 07-02-2010 11:01 AM

[ANN] Ruby 1.9.2 RC1 is out
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Ruby 1.9.2 RC1 has just been released. This is a release candidate of
Ruby 1.9.2.

Ruby 1.9.2 will be mostly compatible with 1.9.1, except the
following changes:
* Many new methods
* New socket API (IPv6 support)
* New encodings
* Random class that supports various random number generators
* Time is reimplemented. There is no longer the year 2038 problem.
* some regexp enhancements
* $: no longer includes the current directory.
* dl is reimplemented on top of libffi.
* new psych library that wraps libyaml. You can use the library instead
of syck.

See [*1][*2] for more detail.

About 130 bugs has been fixed since the 1.9.2 preview 3 was released.
Major known bugs in the 1.9.2 were fixed except #3462.

Due to our schedule, Ruby 1.9.2 will be released in early August.
The schedule of Ruby 1.9.2 was once canceled in order to ensure that the
1.9.2 passes to RubySpec. Now the 1.9.2 passes > 99% of RubySpecs. Try
out the new Ruby and let us know if you have any trouble in the 1.9.2.

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SIZE: 8479087 bytes
MD5: 242dcfaed8359a6918941b55d0806bf0
SHA256: c2a680aa5472c8d04a71625afa2b0f75c030d3655a3063fe36 4cfda8b33c1480

SIZE: 10779309 bytes
MD5: fdedd5b42ae89a9a46797823ad2d9acf
SHA256: 3e90036728342ce8463be00d42d4a36de70dabed96216c5f8a 26ec9ba4b29537

SIZE: 12158992 bytes
MD5: 3da59c5d3567f6e1f1697abbef71f507
SHA256: 4f593a3d0873cea8f371a7fc7484cad7bc03acac0ada1970cb 9f83a89bc27997

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