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Bil Kleb 04-07-2008 07:53 PM

weighted average summary of file size + age

Do any system admins have a utility lying around to
compute some sort of weighted average summary of
file size and age?

Our cluster home space needs some cleaning and I suspect
some of the files folks are keeping on there are quite old
and would like to drive the point home with more than
just a `du -h /users/*` listing.

So something like,

User Usage <Age> Hog score

kleb 102GB 195 19.9GB-Kdays
frank 56GB 32 1.8GB-Kdays
hamly 354GB 454 160.7GB-Kdays

where <Age> is the average age in days, something like,

sum( file.size * file.age ) / ( total_size * total_age )

and Hog Score is Usage x <Age> in GB-kilodays.

Bil Kleb

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