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Sander Land 02-12-2008 03:44 PM

[ANN] charlie 0.8.0 Released - A genetic algorithms library.
Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce another release of charlie, a genetic
algorithms library for Ruby.

This release adds a couple of extra features: better co-evolution
(with prisoner's dilemma example), blending crossovers, genotypes for
matrices and neural networks, and several other features.
It is also still fully compatible with Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby.

- Quickly develop GAs by combining several parts (genotype, selection,
crossover, mutation) provided by the library.
- Sensible defaults are provided with any genotype, so often you only
need to define a fitness function.
- Easily replace any of the parts by your own code.
- Test different strategies in GA, and generate reports comparing them.

This example finds a neural network for the xor function

class XOR < NeuralNetworkGenotype(2,3,1)
def fitness
[[-1,-1],[-1,1],[1,-1],[1,1]].map{|i1,i2| -(output([i1,i2])[0]-i1*i2)**2 }.sum

* sudo gem install charlie

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MIT license.

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