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Felipe Contreras 05-11-2007 08:38 AM

How to stop the ML sending my mails back to me?
I don't want to receive the messages I send, it screws my Gmail display.

I have searched everywhere for a way to do that with no luck. I even
tried to send a message to ruby-talk-ctl with the #msg command, but I
got no reply.

Any hints?

Felipe Contreras

Felipe Contreras 05-18-2007 12:59 PM

Re: How to stop the ML sending my mails back to me?
On 5/12/07, Doug Phillips <> wrote:
> > Not sure how to answer that one, but it seems it may have to
> > do with the list setup. That, or the settings you used when
> > you subscribed.
> > I'm fairly certain that it happens on all of the lists I'm
> > on, or at least most of them. Then again, I'm not really all
> > that focused on it.

> Most ML software has an option to not send a message that you sent to
> you - mailman has a nodupes option, etc.
> Browsing through the command help just now, I didn't find an equivalent
> for whatever software handles the backend for ruby-talk, so I'd say
> you're probably stuck there.
> As for a gmail filter (or any other filter), you might try looking for
> messages that were sent to the ruby-talk list and by you, then drop
> those in the trash. I'm not a gmail user on a regular basis, so I have
> not tested and the usual disclaimers apply ;)

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I have seen that mailman has that option, so I can configure it. But
not with this ML manager.

I like the ping back option, in fact I wanted to enable it in my
mailman subscriptions, but not after I saw how Gmail handles it.

I see two emails, one appears as a reply of the one before, and all
the text is compressed in a kind of ugly way.

Unfortunately my Gmail requests for features seem to always go to the trash.

Hopefully someone can implement this option in the ruby-talk ML manager.

Felipe Contreras

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