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Hannes Wyss 02-08-2007 02:37 PM

[ANN] spreadsheet-excel-
Hi all,

This is a highly recommended release for all rubygem-installations of
Spreadsheet::Excel. It fixes a critical bug reported by Kirk Haines.
If you downladed and installed the tarball of 0.3.5 you're fine:

== What is it?
Spreadsheet::Excel is a port of John McNamara's Perl module
"Spreadsheet::WriteExcel". It allows you to generate Microsoft Excel
compatible spreadsheets (in Excel 95 format) on *any* platform. These
spreadsheets are viewable with most other popular spreadsheet
programs, including Gnumeric.
Spreadsheet::Excel was originally written by Daniel J. Berger and is
now maintained by Hannes Wyss.

== How to get it?
gem install spreadsheet-excel

== Changes: - 8-Feb-2007
* Fixed a bug reported by Kirk Haines where string-inputs were sliced
into oblivion by Worksheet#write. This only concerns gem-installations
of Spreadsheet::Excel. Stupid, stupid maintainers should create gems
from a clean export, not a working directory containing highly
experimental code!

apologies to all,

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