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Assaph Mehr 12-04-2004 09:54 AM

[ANN] Pimki 1.1
This is a bug fix and minor updates release oon Pimki. Many thanks to
Chad Fowler, Prag Dave and Ruben for the feedback. I've tried to answer
all your requests.

Pimki is a PIM (personal information manager) based on Instiki's Wiki
technology. Get the full details at:
Install via ruby-gems or download from the site.

Change log:
- Changed storage path to be relative to CWD to avoid storing
under gem version directory. When running/installing service
should normally provide the --storage command-line parameter.
To upgrade existing Pimki installation, please extract the
original storage from the old gem directory. (Chad)
- Fixed a problem with the bliki_new form that prevented saving
the entry due to debug code in the JS validation code of the
entry name. (PragDave)
- Fixed problem with export and storage path relating to app-dir
instead of storage dir in Instiki core. (Prag Dave)
- Fixed problem of missing files in in tgz packaging (rake needs
PackagingTask defined _before_ GemPackageTask). (Ruben)
- Fixed require 'YAML' to correct 'yaml' in Instiki core. (Chad)
- Added capability to link from pages to Bliki entries. To use
link via: [bliki[entry name]]
- ToDo list picks up items from bliki entries and links to the
entry (Ruben)
- Menu can be set as all pages belonging to a specific category.
If you set some page to a category e.g. 'menu', only those pages
will appear on the left-side menu.

As always if you have any questions or comments, let me know and I'd be
happy to answer / improve on Pimki.


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