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Session TimeOut and Web Farm
Hi Folks,

I am creating a web service that will be hosted on a web farm. The web service also uses sessions to store user specific data. I have the following doubts about session timeout in a web farm scenario:

1. In a web farm essentially the web service application will be hosted on multiple servers running IIS (any request being routed to one of the servers in the farm depending on various parameters). The session timeout value can be set on each of this IIS server. If each server has a different value for session timeout which server's value takes precedence?

2. If in the web.config file for the web service application, a different value for session timeout is set on each server hosting the web service application, what takes precedence?

3. I plan to use state server or SQL server to store session state. Is there a session timeout setting that is configurable either in state server or SQL server?

I am a little confused about session timeout handling in a farm scenario. All information about this are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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