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Shugo Maeda 06-04-2004 04:18 AM

Notice on mailing list service restart
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= Notice on mailing list service restart

Tue, 01 Jun 2004

Sorry for our delayed report on restart operation on
mailing list service. We should account current management of the
lists orderly.

As reported, we found someone's crack against and
immediately stopped various services provided on the site, including
mailing list service. We then surveyed mailing system (fml and related
tools) and configuration files for each lists, and found them
credible: they don't have any sign of tampering.

Our confirmation however does not totally cover the contents of the
messages posted on the lists before, or archived on, and member lists of the lists.

Based on the fact, and considering the meaning of the list (as a
medium for communication), we at first filled users' convenience. If
you are reading this mail and are not a member of this 'ruby-foo'
mailing list, feel free to contact its administrator

Other inquiries on the list may well accepted via the above
address. Inquiries not related to mailing list shall be referred to
the other address: <>.

A series of announcements, past and future, will continue on
<URL:>. Sorry for some time inconvenient. administrators' group
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